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The Smart Knitter's Complete Guide to Advanced Knitting - it covers everything you will need to become an expert knitter (and if not, it promises to answer your specific questions that aren't covered!!)

Red Heart Knitting Made Easy Kit

Red Heart Knitting Made Easy Kit

"Knitting Made Easy: The perfect way to get started! With simple instructions and full color diagrams. Also includes a Knitting Made Easy booklet. * Kit includes: 10'' Knitting needles (7 & 10), 4.5'' Stitch holder, 2.75'' Cable stitch holder * 2 Luxite Needles 2.75'', 5 Yarn bobs, 1 pair bulky & regular point protectors, Knit check * and a Knitting Made Easy booklet."

Beginners Knitting Kit - Book Needles & Much More Beginners Knit Kit - Book kit includes book with instructions for left handers single point needle pair in size 6 and 8 a knit tally cable stitch needles stitch holders tapestry yarn needles 3/4" cabone rings point protectors and a knitting gauge.

Knitting Made Easy Kit This handy kit comes with 3 sets of knitting needles 2 types of stitch holders 5 yarn bobs point protectors and more. Also includes a Knitting Made Easy booklet.

Knitting From Start To Finishing (Video) Knitting basics plus all the skills you need to finish a garment. Both Continental and American methods are shown, as well as short rows, cables, lace knitting, several methods of increasing

Knitting (Video)

The Knitting Goddess (Book) A unique knitting book that goes beyond conventional how-to guides to get to the heart and soul of the craft, including instruction for beginners and projects for all skill levels.

Maran Illustrated™ Knitting and Crocheting is an excellent guide for knitters of all ages and skill levels. Using clear, step-by-step instructions accompanied by over 500 full color photographs, Maran Illustrated™ Knitting & Crocheting is perfect for any visual learner who prefers seeing what to do rather than reading lengthy explanations. You can read my review of this book by clicking here.

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