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Also, this page contains a lot of information to help you find patterns online by yourself.

See below for Tips on how to find Patterns, both online and offline. See the Pattern List below. What you are looking for may be there. See the Craft Supply section if you are looking for yarn, hooks or other supplies.

The Craft Discussions and Pattern Search Forum is full, however I will leave it there as there is a lot of good information on where to find patterns, and patterns that people have found for others. If you need help in finding a pattern you can post it on my the Crochet and Knitting facebook/. I'm not sure if you can post there yourself or not, if not send me an email and I'll post it for you.

A Special THANK YOU goes out to Linda, Tonya, Elva, Sheron, Dawn, Grandma Ruthie, Tracey, Pat, Cookie, Fran, Tonia, SUSANCABLE, maria, Qaterra, Mary, Angela, Harriet, Vickie, ajc, caterina, Deb, Paula P., Barb, Rachel, Rich and Aud, Joan, Vicky, Lola, Donna, Carolyn, nana, Christina C, crazyknitter, Christina C, Cheryl, JJKnitter, Char and all you other wonderful people who have helped others to find their patterns. ( Click here to let me know who you are and I'll add your name above.) It's very much appreciated!

This is very sad. I received this message from one of our helpers:
Have answered 18 of the request for patterns but to my regret only 5 of the ladies responded to my emails. I have an enormous collection and can find 80% of the patterns that the ladies are searching for. I love helping but am sometimes discouraged when they don't respond to my help.
Please searchers, respond to those who are trying to help you find your patterns.

But this is very uplifting! I received this message from Julienne:
THANK YOU: I will like to thank LOLITIA BACHE, and HELEN JOSEPHSON, for helping me to find the oval tablecloth pattern I was looking, and also thank to your program, also very much appreciate . Have a nice XMAS holiday to all.

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Lots of Patterns at these sites:

GroovyCrochet on The Internet Archive The GroovyCrochet site was taken down after being hacked, but the site and all the patterns have been archived. A lot of people have been looking for patterns that you can find there - ponchos, sweaters, coats, skirts, dresses, vests, bathing suits, tank tops. There's patterns for women, men, children, babies, Barbie and there's even patterns for dogs.
FreePatterns.com - Patterns for crafts, crochet, cross stitch, knitting, plastic canvas, quilting, sewing and tatting.
365Crochet - Lots of free patterns!
Crochet Pattern Central
Found Room
Crochet In The Car - This is a great of descriptions and lists of links for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Crochet. Also includes some "PDF" pattern downloads. (Thanks to Mrs. Gold's students for finding this link!)
http://www.crochet.about.com - indexed site offering free patterns. Could help those who are looking to find patterns with themes, (animals etc).
About.com's Where to Find Free Crochet Patterns on the Internet (thanks to Ellen for finding this link)
Bernat has some really nice patterns. You have to sign up to be member to get the free patterns, but it's free to join.
Click here for eBay! - You can find a lot of older patterns on ebay, not free, but you can get them very cheap.

Also, type the pattern you are looking for into any Search Engine. I've had good luck finding patterns by using:


Also see the PATTERN LIST below of patterns that I and some web site visitors have found online for others - the one you are looking for may happen to be there.

My Favourite Crochet and Knitting page has a list of pattern links with thumbnail photos in a categorized list. There are some very beautiful patterns there.


SEARCH TIPS From Linda (Thank you, Linda!)
I have found a lot of VERY OLD crochet patterns at our local library. Please suggest to these folks to go to their library and go through the crochet books, you'd be amazed at the old patterns there. Also, tell them to go to the counter and ask for the crochet magazines they have in archives, our library has the past several years of the "Magic Crochet" magazines, I've gotten several old patterns from them. I've also noticed that many of these patterns have been repeated over the years. For example, a current magazine will print an old crochet pattern in it that I've seen from an old library book back from the 60's or from an old "Workbasket booklet". I've seen this done several times. I have also found old crochet magazines and books at Garage Sales, the Goodwill, Auctions & the Salvation Army. You just have to get out there and look..... :)

How to Find Magazines with old patterns you want.
Go to your local library. You "must" know:
1. Name of Magazine
2. Month and year of the issue you want.

The library will have you fill out a form and they will Inter-Library order it for you. What they do is run in thru the computers to all the libraries in the US, then whichever library happens to have that particular issue, they will send it to your library. Your library will then notify you that they have it so you can come and pick it up. They charge you for shipping, which is $1.67 at our library in NE. They usually call with my request within 1-2 weeks, so it is definately worth the trip to the library, plus they loan it to me for 3 weeks. Hope this helps!!! Linda

Another Tip From Linda:
This site isn't free, however, it has all the old patterns that some folks have been looking for. For example the request for the oval pineapple tablecloth is on there by Elizabeth Hiddleson Vol. 39 The website is: www.yesterdazes.com/


Tonya has offered to help with the following: (Thank you, Tonya!)
I belong to an online club dedicated to basic afghan stitch crocheting and variations on afghan stitches, also hard to find black and white graphs for embroidering the afghans.

I wanted to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to help others. I have located some of my pattern books that I had thought lost that many are looking for.

I do crocheting and knitting and embroidery (counted cross-stitch) For those of you hunting graphs of a specific character such as tweety here is a multi-purpose suggestion, Go to your local craft store and look in the counted cross-stitch portion there are literally tons of choices, unlike when I started counted cross-stitch. If you can imagine it you can find it at a craft store. Most of my books tend to be leisure arts they do have an online sight with a good selection but if you want a great selection go to your local craft store. Thank you all for the opportunity to help where I can.

For those of you that want hard copies of the patterns I have I ask that you send me a sase (self addressed stamped envelope manilla size big enough to hold typing paper) and a $1 per page to help defray the cost of my ink. If I know of an online sight for what you are looking for I will always be glad to share it.
Click Here to Email Tonya
(Also, if you need Special Graphs for Crocheted Afghans or Cross Stitch, Tonya will be able to help you for a small fee.)


Vickie has offered to help with the following: (Thank you, Vickie!)
Click here to Email Vickie


Beverly has offered to help find patterns. (Thank you, Beverly!)
She has printed out and saved many patterns that she has found online. She also puts the URLs on the patterns so they can be easily found again. She is online a lot and has visited many pattern sites and if someone could show her a picture or give her a description, if she's seen it online chances are she can probably find it again.
Click here to email Beverly


Melanie, who is in a group at a library for middle school aged children found this resource while helping the instructor, Sadie, look for new ideas for their craft week in November. Hooked! The Ultimate Crochet Resource. This site has a list of great resources to learn to crochet, find patterns, etc. Thanks for sharing Melanie! And enjoy Craft Week at your library.


This resource was sent in by Julie. Her daughter Aubrey found it while helping her and they have found it very useful. It's information for helping those who are beginners to crochet. Thank you Julie and Audrey!


This resource is thanks to Jackie & Ava.
Jackie writes: My daughter Ava is in girl scouts and is working to earn her "Textile Artist" badge. The girls have been learning the basics of sewing, knitting, and crocheting and have to make 2 items - something for everyday use and a gift for someone in order to earn their badge. Ava's been taking it really seriously and has been doing some research of her own online and found your page http://www.crochetandknitting.com/psearch.htm . It's been so helpful to her we wanted to reach out and say thank you!

Ava's decided to crochet coasters for everyday use, and to sew her sister a pillowcase as her gift. She's just started on the coasters and they're coming along great! I think this will be a great hobby for her for years to come. Ava also wanted me to suggest to you another page she found helpful, Home Hobbies: Sewing Resources at Home. She thought it could be a good addition to your resources. I know it really helped her out so hopefully you find some use for it too.

Good luck, Ava! ~ Sue


This resource is thanks to Sarah & Alexa.
Sarah's daughter, Alexa, loves animals so she is volunteering this summer at an animal hospital. Sarah write, "The shelter is always in need of blankets for the animal's cages and beds, so Alexa and her friends decided they were going to make some. I wanted to help, but it's been a while since I picked up my knitting needles; your page led us to some great websites to check out for some refreshers! As a thank you, I wanted to pass along this page that my daughter found:
Bed Decorations: Quilting 101
Can you include it on your page for us? There's a slew of information for all skill levels and ages. (I loved how it covered the history of quilting, too!)"

Sure Sarah & Alexa! I looked this site over and there is wealth of information for quilters. I love the photo at the top of the page of a quilting bee. It brings back memories of my sisters and I helping our sister-in-law quilt a blanket. I remember that the frame held the quilt so tightly and several times I pricked my finger with the needle. lol
The page has many links for quilters and lots of amazing photos. Thank you Jackie and Alexa!

Enjoy your summer working with the animals, Alexa! ~ Sue


This resource is thanks to Kira and Jennifer.
Jennifer is looking after the costumes for a play at school, and her student Kira is helping her with the job.
Jennifer writes, " She didn't make it into the school play, but since I'm handling the costumes, I offered her a position helping me. She said she had a little experience sewing, but I wasn't expecting her to start trying to learn more!
While she (Kira) was doing some research, she found your page: ( http://crochetandknitting.com/psearch.htm ) and I'm impressed with how helpful she's been! I just had to thank you for all the resources you took the time to collect. It can be so hard to sift through everything online, especially for someone trying to learn something new.
Kira also found this nice little article about sewing costumes that she thought you might be interested in checking out: Making the Perfect Theater Costume. A Beginner's Guide to Sewing. She figured it would be a great resource for your readers to check out!"

Thank you Jennifer and Kira! I wish you much luck with the costumes! ~ Sue


Patterns that I, and Some Web Site Visitors, Have Found Online For Others.
I've arranged them in alphabetical order.

TIP: To find a pattern quickly in this list, press the "Ctrl" and "F" buttons on your keyboard. A search box will come up. Type in the word you are looking for, example: "slippers". If the word you are searching for is on this page, it will jump down to it.

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT NOTE: Some links may be broken as websites either move or shut down. I don't have enough time to keep checking these links everyday. ANYWAY, here is how to find sites even though the links are broken. It's called the Web Archive. It archives copies of sites that no longer exist. So if you find a broken link and really want to see that pattern go to http://web.archive.org/ and put the link in the "Way Back Machine". It should bring up the pattern, but I cannot guarantee it.

** I am in the process of re-doing this Pattern List. Broken links are being removed and new links are being added. Please bear with me as I do this maintenance. Thank you!

Crochet Patterns

-- Big Granny Square Afghan (Crochet) web archive page
-- Confederate Flag Afghan (Crochet)
-- Cuddly Kittens Afghan (Crochet)
-- Diagonal Stripe Afghan (Crochet)
-- Golf Afghan (Crochet)
-- Mile-A-Minute Afghan Pattern (Crochet)
-- Mile A Minute Type of Afghan Pattern (has a picture) (Crochet)
-- Navajo Indian Multi-colored (has a picture)
-- Navajo Afghan (includes instructions on how to convert to knit)
-- Old Glory - (thanks to Ellen for finding this link) (Crochet)
-- Plaid Afghan (Crochet)
-- STARS & STRIPES AFGHAN - (thanks to Ellen for finding this link) (Crochet)
-- Thermal Stitch Preemie Blanket (Crochet)
-- Trail of Tears Afghan - (thanks to Ellen for finding this link) (Crochet)
Afghans/Blankets for Baby
-- Angel Blanket for baby (Crochet)
-- Bear Blanket for baby (Crochet)
-- Bev's Baby Ripple Afghan (Crochet)
-- Kitty Blanket for baby (Crochet)
-- Puppy Blanket for baby (Crochet)
-- Apron (Crochet)

-- Baby Booties (Crochet)
-- Crocheted Baby Sneakers/Booties (my own design)
-- Baby Ensemble - A charming sacque, bonnet and bootie set (Crochet)
-- Baby Sandals (Crochet) with thanks to Cheryl for finding this link.
-- Back Zipper Baby Sweater (Crochet)
-- Gail's Baby Bib (Crochet)
-- Granny's Love Baby Booties (Crochet)
-- Snowflake Cape, Jacket, Beret, cap, afghan
-- Bassinet Purse - (Crochet) (Thanks to Barbara for posting this link in the forum.)
Butterfly Charts - (thanks to Ellen for finding this link)

-- Canadian Flag - this is a chart to use for crochet, cross stitch or plastic canvas.
-- Childs Pullover Sweater (has small picture; size 2-10)
-- Christening Dress
- Starfish Coasters (Crochet)
-- Cradle purse - This is a child's purse that turns into a cradle with a little doll in it (Crochet) (Thanks to Barbara for posting this link in the forum.)

-- Diamond Dishcloth (Crochet)
-- Diamonds Dishcloth
-- Pretty and Simple Dishcloth
-- ZigZag Dishcloth
Dog Sweaters
-- Doggie Sweater - Sizes Medium, Large, and Extra- Large (crochet)
-- Doggie Sweater (crochet)
-- Dog Sweater (crochet)
Doilies (Crochet)
-- Diamond Points Crochet-a-Long Doily
-- Lily Doily
-- Oval Thread Doily
-- Pansy Doily
-- Rose & Pineapple Doily
-- Simple Doily
-- White Doily
Doll Clothes
-- Spring Sweater for 18 inch doll (Crochet)
-- Shorts, Mesh for 18 inch doll (Crochet)
-- Jumper, for 18" doll (Crochet)
-- Barbie Outfit (Crochet)
-- Little Girl's Crocheted Dress - Sizes 1 and 2


Filet Crochet
-- Beautiful Bird Filet
-- Filet Bookmark
-- Flower (Crochet)

-- Crochet Lace Gloves
-- Gloves - Yarn (Crochet)
-- Golf Covers (Crochet)
-- Starry Golf Club Mitts (Crochet)
Granny Squares
-- Granny Squares - large list (Crochet)
-- Spider Web Square - (thanks to Ellen for finding this link) (Crochet)

-- Animal Snuggie Hats (Crochet) - Thanks to Lola for finding this link.
-- Beer Can Hats (Crochet + Beer or Soda Cans)
-- Beret (Crochet)
-- Beret and Cape (Crochet)
-- Beret and Bag (Crochet)
-- Granny Square Cap and Bill Crochet Hat (This pattern was designed by my daughter.)
-- Elegant Floral Headband - This is a summer headband. Very beautiful. Would be great for weddings.
-- Helmets - Quick and Easy (a range of head sizes) (Crochet)

Leg Warmers (Crochet)
Leg Warmers (Crochet)

Men - Crocheted Gifts - Suspenders, exercise ball, tie, log carrier, vest, golf club covers, bow tie, high top slippers, jacket and ragg sweaters.
-- Mittens, Adult (This is my own pattern) (Crochet)
-- Mittens, Children (This is my own pattern) (Crochet)
-- Mittens, converts to fingerless gloves, Men's size.. (This is my own pattern) (Crochet)
-- Mittens, converts to fingerless gloves, Women's size.. (This is my own pattern) (Crochet)
-- Mittens (Children & Adult sizes) (Crochet)

Pillow - Spring Has Sprung Pillow.
-- Granny Square Poncho (Crochet) one size fits all
-- Keeley's Poncho (Crochet) my own design.
-- Little Girl's Poncho (Crochet)
-- Poncho - Infant-through size-6 (Crochet)
-- Springtime Poncho Size is for women's large. (Crochet) Thanks to Angela O. for finding this link.
-- Marryanne's Potholder (Crochet)
-- Purse - This is my own pattern (Crochet)
-- Purse - 2 sizes, mini and maxi (Crochet)

Scrubbers - pots, pans, dishes, body, foot.
-- Popcorn Pot Scrubber (crochet)
-- Scrubber - For body, foot or dishes - 3Ĺ" diameter (Crochet)
-- Diamond Mesh Scrunchies
-- Elastic Flower Scrunchie
-- End of the Braid Scrunchie
-- Layered Petals Scrunchie
-- Love Knot Scrunchie
-- Bridal Shawl (Beautiful!)
-- Ballet Slippers (Crochet)
-- Bev's Quick Slipp-ers! (Crochet)
-- Easy Crocheted Slippers - my own pattern, high tops. (Crochet)
-- Granny Square Slippers (Crochet)
-- Hi-Top Slipper Socks (these are super cute!)
-- Mary Jane Slippers
-- Slippers - Moccasin style - my own pattern, Adult - (Crochet)
-- Open Mesh Slippers
-- Sandal Slippers (Crochet)
-- Sneaker Slippers - my own pattern, Adult - (Crochet)
-- Sneaker Slippers - my own pattern, Children - (Crochet)
-- Square Slippers
-- Women's Boat Slippers
-- Snood
-- Snood (Ballet Bun Cover)
-- Snood
Snowflakes (Crochet)
-- Pretty Snowflake
-- Snappy Snowflake
-- Snowflake Bookmark
-- Crocheted Baby Socks - Sizes are for Preemies, 3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months. (this is my own pattern)
-- Crocheted Men's Socks (this is my own pattern)
-- Crocheted Socks - women's sizes. Using smaller hooks will fit teens and younger. (this is my own pattern)

-- Rose Window Tablecloth (Crochet)
-- Round Pineapple Tablecloth (Crochet)
-- Round Pineapple Tablecloth (Crochet)
Tissue Box Cover - (Crochet) This one is really cute. It is made like a little chesterfield. To find this pattern, click on "Crochet" and then "Home Decor".
Toilet Tissue Cover - (Crochet)
Toilet Tissue Cover - Stars and Stripes - (Crochet)
Toilet Tissue Cover (Hangs on Wall) - (Crochet)

Wallet - (Crochet) Thanks to ajc for this link
-- Crocheted Spring Wreath (Very Pretty!)

Knit Patterns

-- America America Afghan
-- Box and Lattice Afghan
-- Butterfly Blanket (Beautiful!!)
-- Cabled Comfort Throw
-- Chevron Stripes
-- Hawaiian Lacy Fern Throw
-- Ripple Afghan
-- Textured Afghan

-- Baby Booties (Knit)
-- Baby Boy Christening Outfit
-- Baby Cap (Knit)
-- Cool Weather Covering for baby (Knit)
-- Little Angel Baby Set
Bikini Patterns
-- Bikini Top and Shorts
-- Bikini Top and Skirt
-- Twins Tiny Bikini/Halter Tops

Canadian Flag - this is a chart to use for knitting.

-- A Really Reversible Dishcloth
-- Airplane Dishcloth
-- Bunny Love Dishcloth Pattern
-- Baby Star Dishcloth
-- Basic Dishrag (Knit)
-- Basket-Weave Dishcloth
-- Billy The Kid Dishcloth
Checkered Dishcloth
-- Cowboy dishcloth
-- Cowboy Hat Dishcloth
-- Diagonal Squirrel Dishcloth
-- Diamond Dishcloth
-- Easy Peasy Dishcloths
-- End Of The Rainbow Dish Cloth
-- Favorite Dishcloth
-- Flower Cloth
-- Gardening Dishcloth
-- Harmony Lace cloth
-- Hearts Galore Dishcloth
-- Moose Cloth (Knit)
-- Rudy Cloth
-- Simply Striped Dishcloth
-- Take a Break Dishcloth
-- American Girl Doll Basic Sweater
-- American Girl Doll Classic Suit (Sweater and Skirt)
-- American Girl Doll Evening Dress
-- Babyís First Baby Doll
-- Batman Doll
-- Doll Purse for 18" Dolls
-- Rufus the Leprechaun Doll
-- Snowman Doll

-- Golf Club Covers (Knit)
-- Granny Squares (Knit)

-- Fisherman's Rib Hat
-- Garter Stitch hat For kids, sort of like a helmet and scarf together (Knit)
-- Manís Cap
-- North Shore Hat
-- Slouch Hat
-- The Spock Hat
-- Swell Toque

Leg Warmers

Men's Irish Cardigan (Knit)
Men's PullOver Irish Knit (Knit)
-- Classic Mittens
-- Mittens, converts to fingerless gloves (Knit) They keep changing the direct link so go to the main page and click on "crafts", then "crochet/knit". The pattern is called "Magical Mittens".
-- Basic Cuff-Up Mittens -- Basic Men's Mittens
-- Pat-A-Cake Mittens, Infants, Size 1 to 2 Years, Size 3 to 4 Years

Neck Warmer (called "Cozy Neck Warmer)

-- Basic Poncho
-- Cabled & Collared Poncho
-- Rainbow Poncho
Julie's Potholder (Knit)
-- Cabled Shrug
-- Easy Moss Stitch Shrug
-- Lacey Shrug
-- Beginner Slippers
-- Bootee Slippers
-- Cuffed Slippers
-- Grandma's TV Slippers
-- MaryJane Anklet Slippers
-- Moccasin Slippers (My own design)
-- Striped Slippers - (Knit) This one is an old time favorite. (You have to click on the scanned picture of instructions to enlarge it.)

-- Old-Shale Tablecloth (Knit)
Towel Toppers - (Knit)

My Free Patterns (My Own Designs)

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