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Urban Slouch Hats

These are my own Pattern Designs.

All patterns are free. All I ask is that you don't copy the patterns to sell or to post on other websites (without my permission). However, you may print out any of the patterns to use to make items for your own personal use or to make items to sell to others or to sell in craft shows or craft stores, through a home craft business, etc.

If you have a question See My Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you can't find the answer there, you can email me from that page.

NOTES From (My Free Patterns are below my notes.)

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My Free Patterns

Afghan | Dishcloths | Chair leg socks Curtains | Hats | Mittens & Gloves | Poncho | Purse | Slippers | Socks | Vest |

easysweater2 (29K) NEW! Very Easy Crocheted Sweater - If you don't like to sew pieces together, this pattern is done in the round with very little sewing, at the shoulders only. Made with worsted weight yarn.


My Puppy Loves My Slippers (Crochet) - The pattern for the body of the slipper is 1 dc, 1fpdc. On the next rounds you place fpdcs in the dcs of the previous round and dcs in the fpdcs of the previous round.

Very Easy Bubbly Slippers (Crochet) - These slippers are very easy. Great for beginners and very fast to make for the experienced crocheter.

Front Post DC Slippers - Crocheted using 2 strands of yarn so they work up fast. Uses the Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc) stitch. These slippers are warm and comfortable.

BasketWeave Boot Slippers - Crocheted slippers with the basket weave stitch at the top. Made with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn so they work up fast.

Cabled Boot Slippers - Crocheted cables add a nice effect to these boot slippers. Made with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn so they work up fast.

Crocheted Boot Slippers - Made with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn so they work up fast.

Apache Tears Slippers (Crochet) - I love the Apache Tears Afghan, so decided to work this design into a slippers pattern. I love it!

Summer Slippers (Crochet) - Airy, cool slippers for the warmer weather.

Bubbly Slippers (Crochet) - A fun to make slippers pattern.

Star Stitch Slipper Boots - The star stitch makes these slipper boots look so cute! Size is women's.

Crocheted Moss Stitch Slippers - Made with worsted weight yarn in the moss stitch. Very easy. Size is women's.

Sue's Knit Baby Slippers These are based on my Knitted Moccasin Slippers for adults. Made smaller for babies with a ribbed cuff.

Plaid Slippers This is a fun pattern to make.

Slip Stitch Knitted Slippers These are very easy to make. You do not have to carry the yarn across the rows, you slip the stitches instead.

Men's Slip Stitch Knitted Slippers These are made with double strands of yarn. I made them that way for my husband as he tends to wear the bottoms out quickly of slippers made in only one strand. Works up fast.

Crocheted Baby Booties This is my version of Crocheted Sneakers for babies. They are made with worsted weight yarn, so they work up fast.

Crocheted "Knit-Look" Slippers - These slippers look a lot like they were knit. It's hard to tell from the photo, but you can easily see it with the finished item. Sizes for 9.5 and 10.5 inch feet with instructions on how to make them smaller or larger.

Crocheted Seed Stitch Slippers I found these very easy to make. Good for beginners. The seed stitch gives a nice bumpy or popcorn look. Size is for a 9.5 to 10 inch foot.
Click here for the Men's version of these slippers.

Crocheted Sneakers This pattern is similar to the old Sneaker Slippers which I don't feature anymore as this new pattern is easier to make. Adult size. For youths, use a smaller hook.

Children's Crocheted Sneakers These will fit a 3 to 5 year old, depending on the size of the child. For larger sizes use a larger hook. For babies and toddlers, use a smaller hook and sportweight yarn.

Crocheted High Top Striped Slippers Easy to make. Use your imagination for color combinations. Includes a New Version, with no-sew soles.

Easy Slippers For Beginners These slippers are great for beginners or anyone that wants to make a pair of slippers quickly. Done in double strands of yarn so they work up fast.

Children's Easy Slippers For Beginners These are the same as the pattern above but the instructions are for a size to fit children with a foot length of 7 1/4 to 8 inches.

Knitted Moccasin Slippers - These are the knitted version of my crocheted moccasin slippers. This is my first knit design. These are made with two strands of worsted weight yarn.

Moccasin Slippers - These are a new, easier version of my earlier pattern. These are made with two strands of worsted weight yarn.

Women's Padded Sole Slippers These slippers have a double sole with padding inside. Fold down top.

Men's Padded Sole Slippers These slippers have a double sole with padding inside. Includes instructions for an optional fold down top.

Simple Crocheted Slippers This is a basic pattern, great for beginners.

Easy Crocheted Slippers An easy crocheted slipper pattern. Higher tops, warm and comfortable.

Baby Slippers This pattern is really cute. It uses both crochet and knit.

Crocheted Slippers Moccasin style. - This pattern is for the more experienced crocheter. See above for an easier version.


Here is a crocheted socks template for making adjustments for different sized socks. It is based on my sock pattern designs below:

Crocheted Baby Socks (Worsted Weight) - Made with worsted weight yarn. They work up fast. Scroll down for the baby socks pattern made with the lighter baby yarn.

Men's Knitted Socks

Women's Knitted Socks

Crocheted Socks - Quick and easy - This Pattern has been updated. - Easier to follow and a better design.

Crocheted Men's Socks These socks will fit a foot length of 10 to 10 1/2 inches. Done in sportweight yarn, these socks will fit women's shoe size 8. Thanks to Norma W. for discovering that.

Crocheted Baby Socks Sizes are for Preemies, 3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months.

New Methods for Crochet Socks by Rohn Strong. 12 patterns featuring a variety of techniques to present a collection of beautiful and functional designs.
New Pattern Book by Rohn Strong


NEW! Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - Make these to hang on your tree or as a decoration in any room.

Cleaning Cloth

Mopping Cloth - Save money and crochet your own washable mopping cloths for your wet jet mop.

Mittens and Gloves:

mittensgloves1 (51K) NEW!
Convertible Mittens / Fingerless Gloves (Crochet) This pattern is a lot easier than my previous mittens/fingerless gloves pattern!

NEW! Quick Warm Mittens (Crochet) Made with 2 strands of yarn in the moss stitch. Warm, and works up fast. Size is women's adult with instructions on how to make larger or smaller.

Crocheted Moss Stitch Mittens Crocheted mittens using the moss stitch pattern. Size is adult.

Crocheted Mittens Quick and easy. Crocheted mittens for Adults.

Children's Crocheted Mittens This pattern is the same as the Adult mitten pattern above in children's sizes.

Crocheted Mittens / Fingerless Gloves These mittens convert to fingerless gloves by pulling back the mitten top. Size: Medium Men's or older teenage boys, also may fit women with larger hands.

Crocheted Mittens / Fingerless Gloves These mittens convert to fingerless gloves by pulling back the mitten top. Size: Women's medium, or teens. For a smaller size to fit pre-teens, use a smaller hook.

Crocheted Gloves Easy to make crocheted gloves.


NEW! Braided Puff Stitch Slouch Hat
This is a new popular trend for a crocheted hat. I seen pictures online but no pattern so I decided to design a pattern myself.

Crocheted Hooded Infinity Scarf
These are so pretty and very practical too! It's hard to tell from the pictures because of the sunlight coming in the windows, but the hood has 3 rows of bobbles and then several rows of ribbing at the front.

Children's Crocheted Hat This pattern matches the Children's Crocheted Mittens above.

Crocheted Brimmed Hat Will fit most women and teens. I like the brim! I think it looks great as well as keeping your ears warm in the cold weather.


Women's Lighter Summer Vest - This is the same as the one below, except made with a lighter 2 ply yarn.

Women's Summer Vest - This is crocheted with 4 ply worsted weight yarn. Done in
blocks like filet, so it's light and airy. It has a gathered front with a tie.


Right Angle Rows Dishcloth Ver. 3 - This one is a combination of ridged rows and a sc, ch 1 pattern.

Right Angle Rows Dishcloth Ver. 2 - The ridged rows in this pattern gives it a nice effect.

Right Angle Rows Dishcloth (Crochet) - I think this pattern is fun in that every row gets shorter and faster to do.

Pretty and Simple Dishcloth (Crochet) - I think this one is very easy too and looks very pretty.

ZigZag Dishcloth (Crochet) - This is quite easy and makes a very pretty cloth.

Diamonds Dishcloth (Crochet) - Written instructions as well as Stitch Count instructions.

Sue's Easy Knit Dishcloth - This is very easy, great for beginners.


Crocheted Curtains These are very easy and are made with worsted weight yarn


Keeley's Poncho Done in V-Stitch. Made for a 6 year old. To fit older children, simply add more rows on the bottom.

This is a version of Keeley's Poncho for adults. The instructions are included with the pattern above. Just click on the link for Keeley's Poncho above.


Single Crochet Cluster Afghan - this can also be used for a dishcloth pattern. For both an afghan or dishcloth, you just keep going until it is the desired size.


Crocheted Purse Small crocheted purse with buttoned flap and shoulder strap.

Chair Leg Socks:
Crocheted Chair Leg Socks - Sorry no picture. These will fit chair legs with a bottom diameter of 1 1/4 inch.

Looking for More Free Patterns? Check out Favourite Crochet & Knitting!

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