How to Make Stylish Christmas Candles From Scratch Fast and Easy!
By Claire Basilona

What do you do with the leftover wax from all those used scented candles? Recycle of course! After all Christmas candles are a great way to decorate our homes for the holiday season.

1) The quickest and safest way to reuse candles without the use of heat is by pounding them into chunks or finer pieces. You can pound it using a large tin can (from powdered milk or ice cream) or using a pair of scissors or a knife.

2) Scrounge around the kitchen or squabble a piece of inexpensive wine glass from your mom or dad. Look around for wide-mouth glasses of attractive shapes and sizes.

3) Get a plain white tin candle with the wick still attached to it and place it at the bottom of your glass.

4) Carefully pour the chunky bits of wax into the glass until the white candle is fully covered except for the wick. Different colored wax mixed together in one glass makes for a bright cocktail candle.

5) If you prefer dreamy sundaes, pour one color of pounded wax about an inch high into your glass. Follow it with an inch of another complementary color. Continue until you've completely covered the white candle. Attach a ribbon at the stem of the glass for a stylish touch.

For a stirrer, use a toothpick or a carton juice straw. Make colorful tags on a cardboard, cut and fasten on one end of the stirrer. Just make sure to remind your friend to remove the tags before lighting the candle.

You can place it centerpiece in your dining table or anywhere else for that extra holiday feel.

Here are some of my favorite resources that I'd like to share with you for this holiday season.

With these great tools, you'll have plenty of time to send gifts to your loved ones before Christmas.

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