Inexpensive Craft Project - Poinsettia Basket
By Michele Graham

Summer is really here in most parts of the country which makes a perfect time to start working on your Christmas craft projects, since it is too hot to go outside.

There are many simple and inexpensive crafts you can make for Christmas gifts that are quick and easy. One of my favorites is a basket of poinsettias. This is a quick and easy project anyone can do!

You can purchase inexpensive baskets at any of the dollar stores for $3.00 or under. You will need your hot glue gun, a block of floral styrofoam and several bunches of silk poinsettias. You can purchase the poinsettias anywhere from 99 cents to $3.99 per bunch, depending on which craft store you buy them from. You will also need some additional greenery, like holly. You can purchase a strand of silk holly that can be cut the lengths you need. Additionally, you need a bag of Spanish moss for filler. Finally, you will need 4-5 yards of #9 craft ribbon. Also, a can of spray glitter.

Steps to assemble:

1. Hot glue the styrofoam block into the bottom of your basket.

2. Cover the foam with the Spanish moss.

3. Start adding your bunches of poinsettias, having them high in the center and tapering lower to

the sides.

4. Make a bow from your craft ribbon, leaving lon tails that you can hot glue in ripples, along the handle of the basket.

5. Finish off by spraying the glitter all over the baskets and the flowers.

You can make these arrangements as large or small as you would like. I have a large one, with the basket being about 18 inches in diameter that I keep on my fireplace hearth at Christmas. Smaller ones can be used for smaller places.

This technique is also good for white baskets with spring flowers for summer and spring. I also use lots of pine cones in baskets using this techniques, sprinkling glass Christmas balls in different places with the cones, making an inexpensive, beautiful arrangement.

Michele Graham-CEO and owner of Professional Healthcare Management has 41 years in the healthcare industry. She writes about business issues in all businesses and the healthcare field as well. She owened a craft shop and maunfacturing company for twelve years plus.

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